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Where we came from

I love Spicy Foods! Yes, it is true, I really do love spicy food. A lot of people that I know think that I am crazy. A good friend of mine throws a “Hissy Fit,” every time that I pull out a bottle of hot sauce…but he doesn’t count because he thinks that ketchup is too spicy! Even my wife thought that I was a little crazy when we first met…and now, even she has to order her Chinese food at least 3 times EXTRA SPICY. My love for spicy food began back in college while I worked at a Mexican restaurant. I can remember when I first lost my “JALAPENO!” One morning as we were opening the restaurant, I noticed the cooks taking a break on the back line. They were eating what they referred to as “BREAKFAST.” They asked me if I wanted to try it…and unfortunately at the time…I DID! HOT DAM…I thought that I just took a bite out of the sun and then washed it down with a glass of molten lava. I could instantly feel the tears, the sweat and the convulsions start…I could also feel the eyes of all of the cooks watching…smiling…laughing…waiting for me to

throw in the towel. It was the worst thing that I have ever felt in my life…that was…UNTIL THE NEXT DAY! But I kept going…I wasn’t about to let them get the best of me. I went back for breakfast every day and the bonus was that it tasted AWESOME! 


Working that same gig, I started growing my own hot peppers…Thanks to Gordy…a regular at the bar. He had a farm in Northern Kentucky and grew all sorts of hot peppers. Gordy gave me my very first hot pepper plant. He called them “Firecrackers,” they started off purple and then turned white, then yellow, then orange and finally red. They had the flavor of a habanero but only about half the heat. Every year I upgraded the hot pepper plants in my garden, for a spicier version. Until one day I made a hot sauce and took it in for the cooks to try…they said that it was too spicy for them and wouldn’t eat it…



What we're about

As previously mentioned…I love SPICY FOOD. A lot of spicy food out there doesn’t have much flavor as it gets hotter and hotter…Repeat after me, “OK Google…videos of people eating Ghost Peppers (or Carolina Reapers). Your results will be filled with both men and women, young and old, dumb and dumber…crazy people plopping one of the hottest peppers in the world, into their mouth, one by one and by the handful. A select few will walk away with only a “belly ache,” but most will mimic my description of my first taste of “Breakfast” with the guys in the kitchen….with tears, sweat,

convulsions…many even vomiting on camera. That is NOT the way that spicy food is meant to be eaten.

Here at Mayhem Foods, we prefer FLAVOR with our SPICY! We believe that together, the flavor and the spice, should accentuate the food that we eat. We will offer a variety of items, packed with flavor, at a spice level that will be sure to make your endorphin's rush, from mild all the way up to the heat of the Carolina Reaper...guaranteed to light your own unique fire!

Giving Back

Here at Mayhem Foods, we believe that giving back to the community in which we live and work, and in the communities in which our customers live, is integral to the beliefs on which this company was founded: Faith, Family, Friends and Food. 

As we are a new company, this policy is currently a work in progress, but will include a monthly donation of up to 10% of company profits, to a charitable organization that follows our beliefs. Such companies will support and protect children, the elderly, abused women,

our veterans, the homeless, along with cancer research and more. This policy will also involve volunteering and other various activities of stewardship to help make our communities a better place for our children. 


This policy will be reviewed and amended over the next few months as we work to introduce our Mayhem to a community near you!

Our Mission

Here at Mayhem Foods, our mission is to share our love of both flavor and spice with the world, no matter if you think ketchup is spicy or you are crazy enough to throw down a Ghost Pepper with a Carolina Reaper backer. In other words,


 “Gourmet Flavor in EVERY bit...Guaranteed!"

Our vision

Our vision, to be a nationally known brand favorite for adding Gourmet Flavor to your food at any spice!

enjoy the mayhem!

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